CORE  is an independent content company that creates quality programming through its in-house creative team and myriad of partnerships with well-established industry leaders such as Sharp Entertainment and B17 Entertainment. Through 19 Entertainment, CORE produces the enduring franchise, "So You Think You Can Dance", co-produces "American Idol", the gold standard of music competition programs and co-developed the smash new gameshow "The Wall". 

Our expertise, vision, insight, and creativity propel the popularity and expansion of all of our brands:

  • into new markets
  • across all media channels
  • to reach more fans
  • in order to deliver greater value

Talent and creators of original and iconic properties alike trust us to get the most out of these great brands. Agency, media and production partners rely on us to create new opportunities to grow, and artists and songwriters trust us to build careers. 

 And, most importantly, many of the most experienced and visionary people in the business consider CORE one of the best places to build a career and to help develop meaningful entertainment brands that shape global culture.

As we move forward, we will always be discovering, creating, and developing the next great properties and the ways to propel them further. 

We are thrilled to announce a fresh season of SYTYCD, as well as several brand new television series including Caraoke Showdown for Spike!



Recently renewed by FOX for its 14th season, Dance has been an integral part of the American television landscape for decades. It was first recognized for its potential to be the driving force of a blockbuster show and to set it in a competitive framework with a voting audience.

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